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The Texas Stallions Elite Track Team is a summer track & field organization founded in 2005 , was reorganized in 2009 & again in 2015.  We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization servicing the youth ages 6-19 years of age.   The staff consist of USATF & NCAA Certified Coaches in various areas of the track. The Stallions have competed on the National Level of Youth Track & Field every year since 2006. 


The regular outdoor season is from (February-August) of each year.  The outdoor team is broken into two optimal training programs "Spring Track & Field " & "Stallions Elite Track & Field"  a breakdown of the details of these programs are listed below. 

Texas Stallions Spring Track & Field 

Spring Track & Field Program formally refereed to as the "Developmental Team" is no longer a team but a training program designed for the beginner runner.  This training program is geared to teach basic track & endurance concepts only. Training dates are two times a week at various locations in North Houston.  A more detailed training description will be explained at the season's opening or informational meeting & or the first day of practice. 


Program Includes:

  • A Texas Stallions Performance Tee 

  • 6-8 weeks of Standard Track & Endurance Training

  • Upon completion participates have  the option to register to join  our  outdoor team at a discounted price with the requirement of the purchase of  a Summer Elite Uniform.

  • Parents are REQUIRED to work ALL Fundraising Events during the training period.


Stallions Elite  Track  & Field

Stallions Elite Program formally refereed to as the "Stallion Summer Team" is no longer a general training plan but a training program designed for the experienced track athlete or any athlete that have completed the Spring Training Programs.  This training is geared towards event specific training concepts. The season requires the participation in all track meets of the outdoor season.   


Program Includes:

  • Advanced Track & Field Event Specific Training

  • A More Competitive Track Schedule

  • Many Team Events & Travel Functions

  • Parents are REQUIRED to work ALL Fundraising Events

            during the training period. 

For More Details Visit Our Youth Team Site





Off-season training is designed for the Cross-trainer, Football, Soccer , Baseball , Basketball, Tennis & Volleyball player or beginning runner. This program is designed for the athlete interested in learning the mechanics of running and exploring track & field concepts to increase speed & endurance for various sports. Training dates  vary from  (September - Early April) lasting around 1 to  8 weeks at different locations around Montgomery & Harris Counties.


Collegiate Student \ Athlete Prep-Programs



Indoor Track & Field Training

You may choice to participate in any of our program by visiting our registration page.


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